Lose The Back Pain Scam Alert!

Please read this scam alert about Lose The Back Pain & the Healthy Back Institute before going any further. From time to time, every company will get some bad press or negative reviews from unsatisfied customers. As the saying goes,  you can’t help everyone all the time.

However, some individuals will say that the Lose The Back Pain system, products, etc. are just a scam with nothing other than their opinion to back them up. They are unable to provide truly unbiased, hard evidence to support that Lose The Back Pain is a scam and doesn’t help people with their pain.

Lack of Evidence to Support The Lose The Back Pain Scam

Actually, you can visit blogs, websites, and other third party review sites that show they have tons of success stories and positive reviews. They take client feedback and attempt to improve their products, systems, and customer service.

The are a real company with customer service available via phone, chat, and email to answer your questions. They have made a commitment to handle consumer complaints efficiently and fairly when contacted. They make numerous donations to charitable organizations each year.

Their medical advisory group consists of of healthcare professionals, physical therapists, chiropractors, certified massage therapists, and a certified fitness trainer (C.P.T.). Altogether, the have developed and/or approved many if not all of the natural treatments and processed they use everyday to help people reduce, manage, and eliminate pain.

They are a well established, reputable company with the Better Business Bureau (www.BBB.org). They have an A+ rating which is the highest rating a company/organization can receive from the BBB and have been a BBB Accredited Lose The Back Pain ScamBusiness since June 2005.

Lose The Back Pain Scam??

It would seem that a company that achieves such a high level of excellence even though some feel they are a scam doesn’t make any sense.

The only Lose The Back Pain Scam is the one where individuals or groups attempt to discredit a company that has help thousands of people in over 80 countries around the world for their own benefit.